FLIR Video Shows Hot Spot Over 40 Stories Below Imapct Zone in North Tower

I personally have never heard of reports of fire anywhere in both WTC Towers, except for in the areas at the point of, and above, the plane impact zones. This still taken from the original FLIR video clearly shows this spot. I’m not sure if the floor numbering is to scale, they are approximate. The floors where the hot spot occurs were occupied by Sidley Austin Brown and Wood, LLP, formerly known as Brown and Wood, LLP after a merger with Sidley Austin in May of 2001.

If anyone has a more accurate floor scaling, please don’t hesitate to let me know here.

Two individuals working for this firm were later appointed to George W. Bush’s administration. They were:

James L. Cannaughton Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), and;

David M. Price Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs

The video was recorded approximately 15 minutes after the South Tower impact. It is unlikely this is from jet fuel fires that somehow poured down elevator shafts, no other floors are effected, and it is highly likely all the jet fuel was ignited immediately in the explosions.


Original Video Here:


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